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You can advertise and promote your online betting website such as casinos, sports and games like poker and backgammonon our online magazine and attract exclusive users and increase your betting website views

.Our goal is a professional and long term cooperation to improve the culture of Persian betting

.Betting World is the most viewed Persian online magazine about news, reviews and investment in online betting

.For Iranian users, this magazine is the most reliable media for events, news and creating content in the world of online betting


Banner Reservation

.our banners are installed in standard dimensions and an appropriate spot with high visibility for the audience to achieve optimal results for our costumers

Unlike other Iranian websites which place the banners in off and of low visibility corners, or compile a number of banners next to each other, Betting World Magazine chooses the best and most .visible positions for its banners, and standard dimensions to provide the banner with a proper design

.In order to reserve advertising banners on our magazine, contact our advertisement department via this form

.The advertising department manager will respond to you

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Advertising Policies

.Banner dimensions must be in compliance with our standards

.Slogans, context and pictures in the banner are created by the client, and must be consonant with the profession of his/her website or channel

.Websites and channels exclusive to betting and predicting are of our first priority in advertising

.The contents of the ordered ad will be published after being approved by us

.Banners will be posted in the order of the reservation dates

.All costs can be paid with privacy via Perfect Money’s Payment Code or our Web Money account

.To have our graphic designer create a banner, you must accept additional costs

Advertising Benefits

Advertising in exclusive magazines can connect you to your targeted audience. Business and investment enthusiasts and those interested in betting are considered the readers of our Betting World Magazine, therefore, by advertising on exclusive magazines, you will be getting a great opportunity in attracting people. Advertising in online medias will attract your audience with a higher rate.

Choosing the best for your business advertisement

Planning your online advertisement is a profession which not everyone can handle. You must have the necessary information in order to plan and publish your online advertisements, and to also select a media that stands out among its competitors in terms of quality and content creation. Take a look at your rivals, and see what media and magazine they have chosen to advertise on, which is frequently visited by people and has resulted in having a good income? After having a good deal through online advertisement, your job is not finished yet, it is of great value that you now seriously conduct the negotiations after the introduction to the company. If you were able to achieve success due to an online advertisement, you will surely want to extend you advertisements. It is of great importance that you place your advertisements in a number of different pages. For instance, a commercial ad can accomplish more success when published on a news page or a page related to your specific business, as opposed to being published on unrelated pages. After publishing an ad, make sure to check on the results daily to insure maximum results.

Advertisement is not an expense, it’s a miracle in your business

In the last decade, the world has witnessed the vibrant and bright presence of a new and extensive media. This new media was a wide range of websites that were able to start their operations with the help of internet’s wide network, and quickly stablished their place among other medias like TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. and constantly expanded their position

Internet medias hold various advantages over other medias, but the most important one is its interactivity. In medias like TV and urban ads, the advertisement is done on only one side, without any statistics or feedback from the audience, whereas on the internet, the connection is done smart and on both sides

Nowadays, the involvement of investors and futurists on these websites have become of high value, because internet’s unique advantages, along with other medias, have brought companies .great benefits for being and advertising online

.We hope that you, like other entrepreneurs whom appreciate effective advertising, by being on this media, can witness the flourishing of your own website

Betting World Magazine website ( is the most visited Persian betting website, and due to constant increase in its traffic, is considered as a successful and exclusive .portal and internet media. The advantages of advertising on this website are our uniqueness and exclusivity



Order advertisement for online betting, online casino, sports and games like poker and backgammon and Binary and Forex websites


Betting World Magazine is the first and the only media exclusive to news and education for online betting, online casinos, sports and games like poker and backgammon, and also a place to introduce Forex and Binary websites, spreading Persian betting and online investments, with thousands of Persian viewers daily (Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Turkey and etc.) and the best and most efficient place to introduce and popularize your website

Ever since 2017, when we first started to work exclusively on advertisement for online betting websites, online casinos, sports and games like poker and backgammon, we have always aimed to build a strong relationship between us and prominent advertising websites, which has formed long term advertising collaborations, and brought prosperity for both websites

Betting World Magazine, with its most professional news and education teams, is the perfect place to advertise your online betting website and casino. And with long term and effective advertising, we will turn your brand and website into the most well-known spot among all Persian users in the world

Placing your banners on our pages, publishing articles introducing your betting website and casino and including your ads in our newsletter, are only some of what we can do to promote your website

.Our advertising and design team will always accompany you, so your advertising campaigns can achieve the maximum rates in views and popularizing

.Our goal is having a long term and permanent collaboration with our clients

To make a reservation, you can contact us through:

Direct contact with the advertisement department via this telegram ID: @shartmagcom

Note: All costs can be paid with privacy via Perfect Money’s Payment Code or our Web Money account in U.S. dollars. To have our graphic designer create a banner, you must accept additional costs

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: Prices are on a monthly basis



All costs can be paid with privacy via Perfect Money’s Payment Code or our Web Money account in U.S. dollars.

Due to planning and determination of the order in which banners will be shown, order costs must be paid at the time of reservation.

Direct contact with the advertisement department via this telegram ID: @shartmagcom

*Advertising is Not an Expense, It’s a Miracle in Your Business*